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Cancer Clinical
Genomic Database

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PREMIA (Precision Medicine Asia) offers an integrated platform for the development of innovative oncology therapies and diagnostics in Asia, the fastest growing market for the pharmaceutical industry.

PREMIA manages Japan’s nation-wide, clinical-genomic lung cancer registry, the only such database in Asia. The LC-SCRUM registry currently includes more than 19,000 patients, and combined with PREMIA’s clinical development operation, allows an efficient patient identification process for clinical trial enrollment through participation by more than 265 hospitals in Japan Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia. We anticipate the addition of hospitals in other Southeast Asian countries during 2023-24.

Cancer Clinical-Genomic Database

PREMIA currently manages the 19,000 plus cancer patient database for LC-SCRUM Japan. Building upon the knowledge base of LC-SCRUM, PREMIA is driving an effort to expand its geographic footprint to include patients from other East and Southeast Asian countries.


Patient Identification in Clinical Trials

One of the main hurdles in clinical trials is identifying appropriate patients for enrollment, which is particularly challenging in clinical trials of targeted drugs for patients with rare genetic alterations.

To address this industry-wide challenge, PREMIA has launched a patient identification service in Japan by matching patients in the registry to clinical trials based on their tumor genomic profiles. Pharmaceutical or biotech companies may work with PREMIA and its preferred clinical research organization partner to provide clinical trial management services and regulatory affairs support, stream-lining the clinical development process.

Companion Diagnostics

Companion diagnostics (CDx) have become an essential part of targeted therapies development in recent years. PREMIA has extensive technical and regulatory experience in CDx development in Asia, and can seamlessly provide its expertise to our pharmaceutical and biotech partners.

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